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All About Karcher Church






Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.          Matthew 28:19


Karcher Church is a place where people from all walks of life can begin or continue their journey toward a relationship with GOD. It is a place where seekers, new believers, or seasoned followers can grow in that relationship. We are a community of believers that want nothing more than to establish true friendships with others on the same journey. Our worship is contemporary and our style is casual. You can come just as you are, what is important is that you come.


...in the beginning

Laughing at Potluck Dinner

Everything has a beginning. Karcher Nazarene had her beginning as The Franklin Road Church of the Nazarene founded in 1949 by a group of Northwest Nazarene College students and community members. The church thrived, growing rapidly and seven pastors were called during the time at the Franklin Road location. It would be twenty-five years after her founding that the church would move to a new location. An 80 acre farm was purchased, plans for a building were designed, and a new name was given: Karcher Church of the Nazarene. At this time, it was a church that seemed to be way out in the middle of farm land, somewhere between Nampa and Caldwell. Today, the farm land is gone, and the location is a central location in the City of Nampa.

Today, Karcher Church is a growing, exciting fellowship of like-minded holiness people. We are seeing days of harvest in the surrounding community as we continue to endeavor to make Christ-like disciples.




...who we are

Congregation during a worship service

Karcher Church of the Nazarene is a member of Nazarene International. The Church of the Nazarene is among those Churches known as holiness Churches. We believe that one’s relationship to God in Christ Jesus means more than simply that we get to go to heaven when we die. We believe that we are transformed in this life to be able to love God fully with heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love our neighbor as our self.

The Church of the Nazarene exists to serve as an instrument for advancing the kingdom of God through the preaching and teaching of the gospel throughout the world. Our well-defined commission is to preserve and propagate Christian holiness as set forth in the Scriptures, through the conversion of sinners, the reclamation of backsliders, and the entire sanctification of believers. Our objective is a spiritual one, namely, to evangelize as a response to the Great Commission of our Lord to “go and make disciples of all nations”

The Church of the Nazarene has a God-given heritage of faith and identifies as one church cooperating effectually with other branches of the Church of Jesus Christ in advancing God’s kingdom.

...what we believe

The church holds firmly to the following articles of faith:


...where we are growing

Previous Children Pastors at Ground Breaking Event

The first sanctuary for Franklin Road Church of the Nazarene was built in 1950. The new building and sactuary for Karcher Church of the Nazarene was occupied in 1980. The Family Life Center, including a gym, kitchen, and many meeting rooms and classrooms was constructed in 1997. The park surrounding the church was constructed in 2005. Through God's graces in 2021 children will occupy a brand-new Chidlren's Wing of the Family Life Center. This new construction includes classrooms and a Worship Center designed to meet the learning and safety needs of the children of Karcher Church.


Because of the gifts of people, once the new wing, and several other projects are completed--the entire campus will be completely debt free.

Office Days
Monday through Thursday

Office Hours
8:00am through 4:00pm

Office Phone
(208) 467-7479

Office Email
[email protected]