Karcher Online Pastors:

Rev. Mark and Rev. Sara Winkelman

  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Service and Care: We are here to serve you, our online community. Please contact Pastor Mark or Pastor Sara if you have a need, a prayer request, or need to request a visit with a pastor. Also, let us know if you are planning to visit our church, we have a special gift for you! We look forward to meeting you as a part of our congregation.

How can you watch Karcher.Online?

Watch the upcoming worship service right from this page next Sunday at 10:45am. You can watch the previous week's worship service right from this page as well. You may want to watch the worship service LIVE from our own YouTUBE Channel, where you can also engage with one of our online pastors during the service via "chat".

What can Karcher.Online offer you?

It is always a preference to have you enjoy Karcher Worship in person, right in our sanctuary, however, sometimes that is just not possible to do. Maybe you are unable to drive, or you are out of town during a Sunday, or maybe your health prevents you from attending the service. This is where Karcher.Online can benefit you most. You can count on this service being avaiable to you every Sunday morning, so now whether you are here or there, you can still worship with friends and family at Karcher.Online.